Handle with Care

Julie Haugan
Poster design, 2019.

I appreciate being able to utilise my inquisitive, analytical, reflective qualities in combination with creative problem solving, emotiveness and collaboration. So far, I’ve found the space between design and social research to best enable this. I’m easily fascinated, especially by people—and I’m at my most excited when I get to learn about and meaningfully connect with someone through conversation. I would love to use my abilities to provide support in thoughtful ways to people tackling complex problems in trying to make the world a more just place.

Nuances, my work exhibited in the graduate exhibition, asks us to consider from what perspective we view our world. It is based on a belief that what we see depends on our point of view. This notion is physicalised in the design of the installation, requiring viewers to change their position to see the whole poster. By taking these few steps around a corner, thus changing their viewpoint, they are exposed to two seemingly divergent statements about the occurrence of natural disasters. This is intended to initiate reflection and conversations around how our orientation is both influencing and reinforced by our understanding of the world.

Jeg trives best når jeg får utnytte mine evner til å stille spørsmål, analysere og reflektere, i kombinasjon med kreativ problemløsning i samarbeid med andre. Hittil trekkes jeg derfor mot skjæringspunktet mellom humaniora og design.


Photo credit: Julie Haugan