Handle with Care

Kirsten Chan
Long Was The Year
Illustration, Publication design: Inkjet on newsprint paper, 2019.

My practice situates itself around visual narrative. I would very much consider myself a multidisciplinary designer, with a focus towards image making and illustration to explore the magic of story telling. I use a large variety of analog and digital tools to create my imagery in addition to the pairing of typography to conceive a deeper depth to the field of visual communication, delving into the realm of imagination and complex understanding. My practice enables me to respond to a wide range of issues concerning society, mental health, feminism, loss and love. My project is the first volume of a large format graphic novel, which explores the story of a young girl, finding herself in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The story was inspired by and includes the lyrics to a song by the band Broadcast called “Long was the year”, of which this project is aptly named after. I aimed to create this feeling of being lost and searching for the uncertain, though black and white illustration of figure and environment and handwritten type, reinforcing a fictional narrative largely inspired by my personal interpretation of the song’s lyrics.


Photo credit: Kirsten Chan