Handle with Care

Kit Boschert
Everybody's Business
UX Design: Digital, 2018 – Onwards.

My practice is largely motivated by a desire to explore concepts from different perspectives, often with a focus on the social or political. My multidisciplinary approach—ranging from publication to user experience design—affords me the capacity to design dynamic responses. A publication I recently completed dissects the individuals place within knowledge production, exploring the use of others work as a critical analysis of ones self. In this sense I’m not solely me, but an assemblage of copyrighted works. This fundamental examination has heightened my desire to incorporate emerging technologies into my own practice, with the intent of challenging our contemporary understandings of what design is and for. Applying this question to the role of design, the means through which we engage with and meaningfully affect society becomes a thought provoking challenge.

Everybody's Business is a platform which asks businesses to take a stand on political and social issues. Providing transparency for the public and increasing pressure on government to reconsider their policy positions. Everybody's Business contends that every business has a responsibility to make their position known—regardless of direct involvement. Accordingly, choosing to not take a stand will place you alongside those who are involved or directly benefit from the issue.


Photo credit: Kit Boschert