Handle with Care

Kristin Soh
Une Ode À Toi
Branding and Packaging Design, 2019.

As a graphic designer, I would define myself as a visual storyteller through branding, packaging design, publication design and illustrations. My bodies of work are concerned with creating conversation by telling a story and directing the audience to discover something more meaningful behind the designs. Personally, I love showing a little bit of quirkiness, humour and experimentation in my designs when I’m able to. For my Capstone project, I wanted to explore with the complex, invisible and highly personalised language of scent. I composed two scents: one floral based and one inspired by cocktails and cigarettes. Une Ode À Toi, which translates to An Ode To You, is my hypothetical perfume brand that encourages people to feel empowered, embrace their boldness and imperfections. Both the scent and the packaging tell a story of self-love which I hope to inspire people to purchase their signature scent out of self-love instead of intending to impress others.


Photo credit: Kristin Soh, Stace Sakellaropoulos