Handle with Care

Kylie Chen

Branding strategy: digital print on fabric, 2019.

I would define myself as a visual communication designer, focusing on graphic design, image-making, and their application within fashion. I use visual communication as an analytical tool for exploring the unlimited possibilities for clothing and accessories. My practice involves experimenting with different media, including fabric, sound, projections and graphic design, in order to respond to the misunderstandings of the Chinese fashion community and to inspire a quiet revolution through self expression in an unique way. I am. Inspired by Maison Martin Margiela which never follows trends, but sets them. This project “default” attempts a different form of branding for launching my own brand, by creating a multimedia, interactive “look-book” as installation rather than a static publication. The outcomes use found elements as a resource to incorporate into the brand identity, and combines my design experience for this Gradshow project, including simple designed t-shirts and tote bags. I have drawn inspiration from the concept of Acne Studio, “The core Acne style is not only ready-to-wear, but easy to wear.” — Jonny Johannson (founder/art director of Acne Studios).

项目“默认”通过创建多媒体,交互式 “画册” 装置而取代静态出版物。内容包括摄影,视频投影,以及布料设计。


Photo credit: Kylie Chen