Handle with Care

Leanne Faye Tan
Packaging design: White ink on paper, hot foiling, 2019.

I define myself as a multidisciplinary graphic designer focusing on publishing and corporate design, with a practice largely associated with advertising media. I use visual communication as an analytical tool for exploring. The work I produce revolves around the use of visual elements within typography, photography and materiality. Through my practice, my aim is to communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate people through both physical and virtual art forms. My project includes a publication and packaging design. The publication is a compilation of photography series of Italy from different photographers with context of why they do it. It explores digital photographs of things that are often forgotten or missed the eyes. The packaging inspires the publication, it is created for a luxury pasta brand, Abraini from Sardinia, Italy. It explores all sensory cues of luxury packaging. Both works showcases my design experience of experimenting with different print and finishes.


Photo credit: Leanne Faye Tan