Handle with Care

Liam Alexander-Quinn
Reactive Installation: Wood, plastic, electronics, 2019.

As a designer I try to constantly toe the line between sincerity and tongue-in-cheek, often using playful visual creations as a method to explore and satirise bigger and more serious issues or ideas.

Much like esteemed Norwegian disc jockey and producer Todd Terje, my practice is 30% original bangers and 70% remixes, and much like an anxious traveler the night before departure, my practice involves a lot of unpacking and repackaging of ideas.

I try to get to the bottom of what makes things things, and then use my findings to re-contextualise, re-frame, and re-imagine.

My grad show project, "Inflation", is a re-contextualising of an iconic piece of capitalist history, the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arms Tube Man.

Originally a commissioned artwork for the Olympics, the design was patented behind the back of the artist who made it, and went on to become a symbol ubiquitous with rampant consumerism.

How many sign-holders were laid off due to this larger, cheaper, brighter attention-grabber who never gets tired or sick?
How many stock analysts will get laid off when "Inflation" hits the market?


Photo credit: Liam Alexander-Quinn