Handle with Care

Lily Hawkins
Interactive Installation and Publication, 2019.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, communicator, strategist, researcher and activist. My practice sits where craft meets social cause, utilising design as a conduit for social change. I come from a background of science, politics and strategy, and combine these passions with my natural inclination for visual communication to design artefacts, systems and experiences that explore social structures and the human condition.

My project Connection has been inspired by my studio this semester, Mental: designing works around mental health for Science Gallery Melbourne. Whilst inspired by Mental, I chose to create a separate project to my final studio outcome. This project stemmed from explorations of the growing loneliness epidemic in Australia, an emerging field of inquiry in mental health care. I also drew inspiration from my own experiences with community and belonging over the course of my degree. This has culminated in an interactive installation and reflective publication.

In November 2019, I will be combining my loves of education, science and social good, with my working experience in whole-organisational communication, to begin working in strategy and marketing for Museums Victoria.


Photo credit: Lily Hawkins