Handle with Care

Luke Sikora
Light Up Your World
Interactive Design, 2018.

I’m a multi-dimensional creative design thinker focusing on visual identity and interactive design. I use consumer experience as an analytical tool in order to explore the possibilities of creating a positive interaction for and with the audience.

My project ‘Light Up Your World’ is a flat pack lamp that has been presented with a blueprint poster design articulating my creative design thinking. The State library of Victoria was the client for this Communication Design Studio— Material Literacy. Hence, the strategy behind creating this form was to provide an element that showcases a architectural feature of their building. The design is accompanied by a smaller blueprint, designed in the format of a ‘Resumé’, which articulates the methodologies I use throughout my work. It is packaged in a tube vessel, in order to further extend the metaphor of the blueprint, and it conveniently allows for an easy handover and transportation. As I also regularly engage with the field of packaging design, incorporating this element into the final presentation, was a way of packaging my progressive mindset and myself as a young emerging practitioner.


Photo credit: Luke Sikora