Handle with Care

Madi Galati
Typeface, 2019.

I am a process-driven designer focusing on art direction and print design. I like to challenge myself by experimenting with new techniques and technologies, in this way I can explore the variety of ways visual language can be applied. Ultimately my designs endeavour to make a lasting impression and connection with my audience. I believe design is an influential tool that surrounds us, my practice explores the variety of ways it can be used on a daily basis.

‘Brutal’ is an experimental project that questions and reconsiders the predetermined natures of letters. The typeface pushes the boundaries of legibility and practical applications of text. The carefully designed structures are heavily influenced by brutalist architecture and express the austere nature of these buildings through their defining features. These include the use of strong, geometric lines that construct an anatomy of modular shapes, as well as a variety in tone and texture. While each letter is an individual expression of this movement and its utilitarian ideologies, together they create a harmonious collection. Its media applications depict the ‘built’ forms in alternate representations of a typeface, assembled on top of each other and printed as a 3-dimensional object.