Handle with Care

Maggie Wu
Facades of Summer
artist's book, pop-up carousel book, illustration: digital illustration, printed & hand-cut paper, 2019.

Being a graphic designer and an illustrator allows me to freely explore identity, storytelling and representation of culture through different forms of visual communication. I am constantly striving to develop and bring my own style as well as my interpretation of ideas to my practice involving branding and editorials. Something that I push myself to do is always trying various traditional or digital techniques in my creation process, and looking for methods of delivering certain emotions and meanings in each piece of work. “Facades of Summer” depicts different moments of the ideal yet ordinary summer which my own various personas would enjoy to spend in. Having these personas portrayed through a series of illustrations then presented in the format of a printed pop-up book, it explores the idea of perspectives and identities within oneself in a playful way, at the same time inviting audience to interact with it and perhaps reflect on their very own idealistic moments in life. Combining illustration, print design and craft, the project was also an attempt at challenging myself to experiment with unfamiliar methods and learn new techniques from the creation process.


Photo credit: Maggie Wu