Handle with Care

Olivia Wells
Bottle Top Bingo
Event , 2019.

I’m a social designer focusing on branding and event management. My design practice has always focused on practicality and sustainability. Two qualities that I think work well together. I have always felt a need to create purposeful designs that leave a positive impact not only on the planet but also in people’s lives. Drawing on my background in event management and styling, I created an event as a way of promoting a charity in order to raise money. My aim was to bring people together in a positive environment to raise awareness and funds for Envision. Envision is an organisation that use plastic bottle tops to create prosthetic hands for children. I used branding as a way to engage people, and to encourage them to attend and donate. I produced this through a bingo event called “Bottle Top Bingo” where I took the traditional fundraising idea of bingo and put an exciting spin on it. Through event ticket sales, t-shirt purchases, donations and raffle ticket sales $2,060 was raised for Envision. The money raised will more than pay for a new 3D printer and will be used to produce more prosthetic hands.


Photo credit: Olivia Wells