Handle with Care

Olivia Williamson
Child's Play
Interactive Data Visualisation : Wire, 3D Printed Blocks, Video, 2019.

As a designer, my strongest motivation is design's ability to catalyse social change. I attempt to create new narratives through my visual outputs that encourage individual change and collective action—relating to perception, perspective or behaviour. With consideration of “voice”, the medium of my solutions are determined through an optimisation of concept translation. Concept ideation and development are primary elements of my creative process—often overlooked and undervalued by one’s fixation on execution. My greatest opportunity as a designer is to think, create and communicate in a purposeful and stimulating manner.

My graduate project, ‘Child’s Play’ is an interactive installation. Visualising relevant data from Google Trends, this work juxtaposes superficial topics with serious subject matter that lack significant “attention” by comparison. A commentary on Australia’s interests, I hope to prompt my audience to reflect on our priorities and oversights over the past six months, as represented by what we search for on Google.

Photo credit: Olivia Williamson