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Handle with Care

Ollie Schwan
Typeface Design: Digital print on paper, heat transfer on fabric, PVC pipe in concrete , 2019.

My practice incorporates graphic design and experimental image making with a focus on typography and experimental type design. My practice seeks to explore the convergence of analogue and digital image making and how organic forms can inform digital media and vice versa.

I find the layering of different experimental techniques and media invaluable as a tool to inform each outcome iteratively. These techniques include painting, sculpture, projection, screen printing, data bending and textiles.
Much of my work takes a practical, hands-on approach and draws inspiration from industrial design and construction techniques and materials.

This project, titled Coldera, is an experimental typeface which started as a word mark inspired by Iceland, its natural geological features and Norse art.
It has now evolved into a work in progress, single case, display typeface.
Coldera has a width to height ratio of approximately 4x3.

Photo credit: Ollie Schwan