Handle with Care

Olly Cain
Sea of Ice
Packaging/Brand Identity : Digital Print on Paper , 2019.

I'm a designer that sits at the intersection of brand identity and packaging construction. I create sustainable and innovative solutions that inspire curiosity and interaction.

The project exhibited at the Grad Show is a skincare range designed specifically for mountaineers. The project originated from the Luxury Packaging class lead by Renato Gallina, the brief was to design a luxury skincare product that took sustainability into account.

The range designed is named ‘Sea of Ice’. I chose this project as I’m an ex-skier and the mountains are close to my heart. The packaging is designed to imitate a mountain range once fully opened, and the brand colours, blue and white are representative of the tones visible in the Australian Blue Mountains. The packaging has been meticulously designed to be sturdy with subtle audible closures and sophisticated restraint, so that consumers can reuse the box for a second life.


Photo credit: Oliver Cain