Handle with Care

Parkon Tang 唐柏强
(Entering The Void - Tripout)
Casette design: polyester film, light board, 2019.

I am a visual communication designer who fascinates in graphic experiments and designing. (Enter The Void - Tripout) is about exploring the process of art direction and design for an integration that includes photography, illustration, brand design and publication inspired by the art series (Tripout) that print on polyester film and demonstrate on two light boards.

By taking long exposures shots of artificial traffic and neon lights then turning them into thoughtfully designed visual graphics, (Tripout) tried to create a blurred field between dream and reality. Parallel to the psychology of the ego model by Sigmund Freud. The traffic lights as disciplines of human society they symbolize the superego, and true selves are embedded in the human shape, as the deferred movements unbosom uncontrollable desires. In combined, they identify oneself psychologically.

I developed it to a brand image design and publication that has been articulating the message of art. It is out of empathy for myself and young people who are likely experiencing identity crisis between inherent animality and highly civilized contemporary society.


Photo credit: parkon