Handle with Care

Rachel O'Brien
Alternative Anatomy
Image making: Blue Biro on Paper, 2019.

I am an artist and illustrator interested in storytelling and visualising ideas. Through traditional fine art media, especially with the humble biro, I explore the human figure and human anatomy often depicting our connection with nature. On the other side of my practice I create whimsical illustrations and explore other worlds for both children and adults using watercolour, pencil and digital illustration and, teach a pack of young artists to expand their creativity. I am most interested in making creative conversations in response to a drawing and providing an audience with the opportunity to start talking nonsense and use their imagination. My creation is a speculative experiment exploring what our faces could look like if we were from another universe and how we would function. Using blue pen, I have created three alternative self portraits and asked the questions; would we blink one eye at a time or all at once? If I ate savoury in one mouth and sweet in the other would I be repulsed or delighted? If I sneeze out of one nose and breathe in the other would my head explode?


Photo credit: Rachel O'Brien