Handle with Care

Roshan Ramesh
. கடவுள்
Textile Design: Digital Print on Fabric, 2019.

Heavily illustration and image based, my practice brings together the various intersections of my identity and culture. My work comments on themes of diasporic identity, bridging the gap between cultures with design that’s loud and visually ecstatic. In this project I explore the script of the Tamil language, a recurring theme in my work, interpreting the letterforms in a modern gothic style. This combination of my mother tongue, with a design style evocative of techno and underground club culture allows me to merge elements of my cultural background with the visual aesthetics of current spaces and scenes I find myself in. My practice gives opportunity for the South Asian diaspora to connect with their culture in ways which are authentic and true to their multifaceted and complex cultural identities.


Photo credit: Roshan Ramesh