Handle with Care

Ruby Healey
The Pantry as a Shrine to the End of the Human Race
Installation: Vinyl labels on painted pre-existing packaging, 2019.

My practice sits at the intersection of communication design and image making with a focus on documenting, interpreting and making sense of our world. Much of my work involves collecting and composing found imagery, looking to the past to translate the present and future. My process is tactile and my photography practice is predominantly analogue. I have an interest in visual storytelling and publication design, in particular artist books and contemporary publishing. The Pantry as a Shrine to the End of the Human Race is an encyclopaedic record and reflection on humanity at the end of the world. The work is inspired by doomsday prepping and depictions of post-apocalyptic worlds in popular culture. Familiar items have been stripped of their branding, coated in white paint and plastered with peculiar images appropriated from books and magazines of yesteryear. These images, taken out of context, form new, non-linear narratives as the items interact with one another on the pantry shelf. The installation comments on the nature of humanity—our tendencies, relationships, creation, destruction and our sense of place.


Photo credit: Ruby Healey. Images within work from various sources, full list of citations can be found here: https://rubyhealey.com/The-Pantry-as-a-Shrine-to-the-End-of-the-Human-Race