Handle with Care

Sarah-Jo Seeary
Packaging and print design, 2019.

I’m a Graphic designer who focuses on visual communication and rebranding. I love using pattern design and illustration as a way of exploring new and fun ways to engage an audience. My practice is made up mostly of illustration, publication, and packaging design but I also have experience using photography to create dynamic flatlays and other branding materials.
My Capstone project was an opportunity to tie together my passion for print making and brand design. It also gave me a platform to react to the concepts of gender and femineity which I have explored this semester. On top of this I have used this project to learn something new by exploring and develop my sewing skills. Even in my final project I wanted to take the opportunity to continue to learn as a designer even when challenging, I want to always say yes to growth. My final project is a reflection of everything I love to put into my work, its bright, fun and individualistic.


Photo credit: Sarah-jo Seeary