Handle with Care

Sarah Wong
The Last Stop
Animation, 2019.

Drawing my inspiration from all types of stories, I believe in the power of storytelling to resonate and inspire. I’m driven by the everyday, connecting people through the smaller intricacies of life and taking the challenge of turning something mundane into something engaging and dynamic. With an eye for movement, my approach to my work is built on a foundation of graphic design which is flourished by motion graphics and illustration. Inspired by a natural curiosity and empathy, I love exploring the different journeys and narratives of others and how these perspectives colour the way design can be consumed.

The Last Stop experiments with the idea of the everyday by drawing attention to the details of our daily lives that we naturally disregard. As our final stop before graduating, this piece was an opportunity for me to capture my three years in this course in a medium I have taught myself and grown to love through the subject matter of the little narratives and stories we experience on our daily commute to university. Its looping aspect is a reminder that while my formal education has come to a conclusion, with a curious and open mind our opportunities to learn are endless.


Photo credit: Sarah Wong