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Handle with Care

Shauna Sieger
Centre Of The Earth
Interactive Installation : Mirror, Wood, Plants, 2019.

As a practicing Communication Designer, I like to dance with the romance between design and communication. With the intent to provoke conversation through a clear and concise form, my practice is driven by providing opportunity to certain social topics that deserve to be recognised in society. I tend to use this approach as a way to unravel my own curiosities on how to make an impact on the way we think and see the world. This type of approach has been harnessed through publication design, campaigns and interactive engagements with minimal aesthetics.

My graduate project, Centre Of The Earth is an interactive installation that is created to provoke discourse surrounding mental health. Participants are encouraged to reflect and experience a moment that enables them to check in with themselves, through a chosen plant that best represents their current mood. After the participant has chosen their desired plant, they then will have the opportunity to engage and weave it into the loom. Thus, creating visual data that best represents the audience's mood. This allows the individual’s ability to consciously be aware of their thoughts and feelings. In hopes to enable greater awareness of themselves and lessen the stigma of mental health.

Photo credit: Shauna Sieger