Handle with Care

Sheron Cheung 章詩朗
One Earth
Publication Design: Hand-bound Volume, 2019.

I’m a communication designer focused on the relationships between the self, others, and the environment. My practice is centred on the notion that all design is inextricably linked to its context, thus I create print, strategies, and human-centred designs that complement the nuances of the human condition while being conscious of the connections between people, societies and the environment. As a creative, I am a mix of ‘community builder, designer, entrepreneur and activist’1, and concerned with design as a catalyst for change; whether social or environmental. “One Earth” explores how culture, societies and religions influences our perception of Planet Earth. Motivated by my continuous journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, this publication aims to inform the audience of the nuance within sustainability and build empathy towards others through examining these concepts.

1Bernard Caniffe, foreword to Developing Citizen Designers, by Elizabeth Resnick (New York; Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016)


Photo credit: See Long Sheron Cheung