Handle with Care

Shravan Rao
Amarsi Un Po
Publication Design: Ink on Paper, Hand bound, 2019.

As a multidisciplinary creative, I have often found myself travelling between various creative practices, from the fine visual arts, photography, graphic design, and finally developing my creative idea generative skills in art direction. I have found great inspiration in photographers such as Christopher Anderson and Jake Michaels, specifically their warm aesthetic and their incredible understanding of light and shadow - Their influence can be seen in my work.
Im drawn to revealing and extracting the beauty in the subtleties of day to day life - from painting close-up portraits of friends, to photographing the way light reflects through a narrow street onto a wooden door. I find great appreciation in the small things that many may overlook - this is what I explored for my Gradshow project. My piece titled ‘Amarsi Un Po’ is a photographic publication - a culmination of curated images I created during a short break in my academic career. I had understood the importance of designing for communication and wanted to reflect this in the short publication aimed to convey the importance of acknowledging the small fleeting moments around us in a backdrop of distraction and noise.


Photo credit: Shravan Rao