Handle with Care

Shuyu Wang 汪书昱
Publication design: Craft Paper, print, 2019.

I am a communication designer focusing on publication design, communication, photography, and visual research as an analytical tool for exploring society. My practice is situated between editorial and research-led design, in order to explore the issue of daily life. “Fridge” is a publication design that explores people’s life through the refrigerator. The work records the personality and living habits of people in different environments through the refrigerator using the framework of the archive. Glimpses of quotidian life shine through in the fridge as an essential part of a person's daily life, and very personal territory. A person can dress up differently, with makeup and clothes, but they never dress up their refrigerator. The use of fragmented images within photography and collage boards combined with the publication, reflects my interdisciplinary research-based practice.


Photo credit: Shuyu Wang