Handle with Care

Tessa Simpson
Minke Foods
Packaging Design: ink on paper, bottles and cans, 2019.

I am a craft led designer focused on visual communication through image-making. This allows me to work across many different practices, however, my preferred focus is packaging and print design.

It is crucial that my work is thoughtful and considered, conveying a story and purpose to audiences through resolved and deliberate design. In turn, I find strategy and identity are the integral starting points for all my processes, as this creates the foundation of the story.

Minke Foods is a great representation of this, combining image-making and typography to create a meaningful brand identity. Minke is a collection of luxury pantry staples, allowing purchasers to easily prepare a delicious restaurant-quality meal at home.

I produced a minimalistic design that reflects the luxury price-point, which is elevated by the vibrant colour palette, bold types and expressive illustrations. This allowed Minke to push the boundaries of food packaging and stand out against competitive products found on supermarket shelves.

The colourful illustrations convey the origin of the authentic and sustainably farmed ingredients, which are at the core of the Minke ethos.

Photo credit: Lucy Garland and Tessa Simpson