Handle with Care

Vanessa Han
The Good Good
Branding Strategy, Design for Environmental Change, 2019.

Our earth is dying. A large part of its decay is attributed to the fashion industry. Within the industry is a rising streetwear community, where people mostly talk about hype and clout. Yet, there is very little discussion about other real issues such as the environment.

The Good Good was created to open up the conversation about sustainability amongst the streetwear community. The goal was to encourage curiosity and mindfulness towards the things we consume. We’re going back to the fundamentals of what’s really good.

With this project, I was challenged to use language and phrasing to elevate my ideas which propelled me to utilise different mediums to convey them. I’d say I have a knack and inclination for drawing and making things, which informed a somewhat DIY aesthetic of the project. Ultimately, the strategy was to create content that was relevant and simple to make difficult topics easy to digest.


Photo credit: Vanessa Han