Handle with Care

Viv Hu
Illustration, publication design & web design: Digital print on paper, 2019.

I am a research-led designer working in publication design – both for print and online. I enjoy using illustration as a way of exploring cultures and conventions. My practice consists of publication design, service design and collaboration to understand community and society.
My creative process involves gathering stories and forming narratives, which become the basis for designed artefacts such as books, illustrations or websites.
My project Roundtable is a collection of sentimental foods and recipes, published as a book and a website. The project demonstrates the universal connective power of food and the diversity of how it is made and consumed around the world. I have used illustration and animation to bring my contributors’ stories to life. I hope it evokes a sense of warmth, nostalgia and curiosity for those who view it.


Photo credit: Viv Hu