Handle with Care

Waiting Zhou
Visualise depression
Interactive installation, Photography: ink on paper, handcrafted lightbox, 2019.

I am a Graphic designer, working with visual art, illustration and publication, I use visual communication as a way of exploring design problems. My practice is situated between brand experience and design thinking which I use to explore broader social issues. As a Graphic designer, I aim to encourage viewers to dive into their subconscious in an effort to engage with my visual stories or responses. My gradshow project “Visualise depression” is an installation design of photographic exploration about depression which encourages conversation about mental health issues and displayed by the effect of X-ray films which aims at evoking the raw emotions surrounding the topic as I always agree that the creation of an emotional experience has been the purpose of artistic expression. I’m interested in crafting and many ways of designing, and try hard to produce art which is not just a collection of “pretty images”. My goal is to create pieces which have a deeper meaning and message for the audience.


Photo credit: Waiting Zhou