Handle with Care

Wanqi Zhou
We are the Best
Poster design: Ink on paper, 2019.

I am a graphic designer focusing on visual art and illustration. I express my feelings to the world through design. My project ‘WE ARE THE BEST’, which aims to show three typical objects people like to stay with during their daily life: bed, laptop, and coffee. I show my project through illustrations, poster designs, and stickers. Some abstract visual elements and illustrations reflect my unique views and understanding of these objects, the audience can feel the colorful and interesting world behind each object. The posters include 5 parts, three same sized posters on the top are about independent illustrations of bed, laptop, and coffee. The long one below is about corresponding funny cartoon images and the square one is another version of that. I also create some stickers about these three objects. In this project, I use warm, vibrant and playful colors intended to embody a sense of a funny and modern scene behind the object.


Photo credit: Wanqi Zhou