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Handle with Care

Weili Zhong 钟玮励
We are more complex than that.
Interactive Installation: Printed posters, mini zine, restaurant setup, 2019.

Growing up in Singapore as a Chinese resident, my race took up the majority of the country. I’ve never experienced racial discrimination and often took my culture for granted. Not until I came to Australia, where I am a minority, I experienced a culture shock and started missing and appreciating the small things that contribute to my identity.

‘We are more complex than that’ is my way of constructing a better narrative for the common societally constructed idea of Asians, specifically East Asians. I hope my project will spark conversations about existing stereotypes and create curiosity towards my culture.

Preparing for ‘Handle with Care’ felt like a work sabbatical. I was able to express my feelings into something tangible while pushing myself out of my comfort zone. As someone with an Architectural background, I have used all the skills that I’ve cultivated over the years and portrayed myself as a multi-disciplinary designer.


Photo credit: Weili Zhong