Handle with Care

Yujun Xie
packaging design, 2019.

I’m a graphic designer focusing on identity. I use illustrations as the way to deliver my understandings. I have close friends living in Quanzhou, where has the perfect environment for the growth of tea trees. Tie Guanyin, a superior oolong tea grows there, is the main product my friend’s business deals in. My practice consists of two text boxes telling the brand, the type and the name of tea products, as well as the illustrations based on the actual view of Quanzhou. The three illustration shows different seasons. In order to complete the design, I visited Quanzhou for field trips to take plenty of photos and talk with local people, hoping to offer a real Quanzhou, the hometown of premium Tie Guanyin through my design. The selection of the fonts used in the design took a long time, I chose the current fonts to make them go with the overall style, wanting the fonts to strength an indigenous and homemade feeling of the design. The aim of the design is to introduce the original look of the hometown of the specific tea to people via the package, to help viewers feel the freshness, tranquillity, and beauty the place delivered to me.

Photo credit: Yujun Xie