Handle with Care

Zakir Aman
Karunguni Supply Company
Branding, 2019.

Save the Earth. Buy vintage. Buy second-hand. Yes, it’s that simple. In a world of fast fashion and an even quicker change of taste, it’s easy to overlook the dark side of the modern fashion industry which happens to be the 2nd largest polluter in the world... 2nd only to oil. Doing your part doesn’t have to involve recycling every single thing or buying overpriced sustainable products; it can be as simple as buying that sick Nike t-shirt you saw at your local vintage store. Who says you can’t look good while doing good?

My practice involves graphic design, typography and photography—exploring culture and how it shapes and reflects society’s state of mind. My work usually involves a narrative that ties everything together; packaged into an accessible solution.


Photo credit: Zakir Aman