Handle with Care

Zhentong Liu
Product design and packaging design: ink on paper, engraved popsicle sticks, food model. , 2019.

I am a graphic designer and also an illustrator. I use visual communications as an analytical tool for exploring and as well as a way of understanding with environmental issues such as global warming. My practice consist of symbolic, identity, design thinking, and packaging design. My project called 1℃ which is a symbolic conceptual product design, It alerts people to the issue of global warming in the form of an ice cream, reminding people to pay more attention to environmental pollution that is often overlooked by us. 1 ℃ is a gentle entry point. It is not a rigid slogan or warning. It is an interactive commodity that gives people a more direct understanding of the key issues. My project includes a series of product models and packaging designs that will focus on the same goal to achieve better communication.


Photo credit: Zhentong Liu