Handle with Care

Zhuo Chen 陈茁
Marine pollution: facts you should know
Bottle, Publication & poster: Recycled glass bottle and ceramics, Clay, print, 2019.

I’m a communication designer and creator who strives for perfection with an experimental approach to design. I do not want to put a limit on the form or method of my design, I explore all forms of creation with a focus on communication design. I draw inspiration from life and have developed an active approach to sustainable materials and resources. Adding value to ordinary or quotidian aspects of life, also allows me to think more about the meaning of my works, hence my focus on social issues. My interdisciplinary project “Marine pollution: facts you should know ,” as the title suggests, combines publication design with multiple perspectives and craftsmanship from recycled glass bottles and ceramics, in the hope of attracting more public attention to marine pollution.


Photo credit: Zhuo Chen