Handle with Care

Zijian Huang 黄梓健
World Top
. 世界最高
Packaging Design & Poster Design: Paper, Plastic bottle, 2019.

I’m a graphic designer focusing on packaging design, brand design, and UI design.
My practice explores on breaking the routine and stereotype of conventional product packaging and brand identity in order to create unique design solutions that can attract and impress the customers. My project, World Top’ is a water bottle packaging design for a hypothetical company World Top who sells mineral water taken from the Mount Everest. Water bottle packaging usually emphasis on communicating natural feelings and it is too predictable and overloading in the market. Therefore in ‘World Top’, I experimented the combination of traditional Asian aesthetic with ultramodern design style, the relationship between achromatic colours and chromatic colours and how these colours and the illustration can guide the visual hierarchy to its fullest.

作为一名专注在品牌和产品包装的设计师,我勇于尝试不同的设计风格,并融入我个人的设计元素及理念。 我专注于融合东方美学到现代设计中, 创造出独一无二的设计作品。


Photo credit: Zijian Huang