Handle with Care

bede mccartney-kemp
Installation : Painted MDF, Perspex, Card, Flocking Powder, Paper, 2019.

My work as a designer focuses on contemporary culture, particularly on the image we as consumers are positioned to receive. My approach to critically analysing these scenarios is research driven, in order to alter perceptions and create varying narratives to the original image. Through a use of fine art mediums and creative direction, I aim to actualise concepts that question conventions and promote new ways of thinking.

The fashion image forms much of my research and is continually referenced throughout my work. By drawing on references from fashion media and it’s discourse, my practice aims to understand the intended message, in order to produce an alternate and often ironic response.

Other than fashion, my designs are informed by varying artistic practices, working across a range of mediums to form visually enticing works, imbued with abstract connotations.

I draw upon ideas presented by artists such as Rachel Whiteread and Elmgreen and Dragset, as my work often references space as a key motif, often utilising 3-dimensionality to realise my projects. This is noticeable in my piece ‘Displays’, as the structure is used to accentuate my findings and contextualise my research.

My wholistic approach to design outcomes aims place my work in-between fields of research and design, so as to not rely on a singular vision and way of creating, rather a multifaceted practice.

Photo credit: Bede McCartney-Kemp