Handle with Care

elana Berton

Ineractive installation, 2019.

My underlying aspiration is to create a better world through meaningful design solutions. To achieve this I have chosen to work with Human Centred Design (HCD) methodologies and co-design. HCD is an approach to problem solving, focusing on building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for; this helps ensure the solutions are tailor made to suit their needs. My passion for HCD and co-design methods comes from a keen interest in human behaviours and from my love of strategy and analysis. I have specialised in lean methods of design as well as investigative research, in-depth interviews, synthesis, analysis, prototyping and experimentation. My project is a Human Centred research investigation into the issue of “youth engagement in politics”; specifically looking into “how might I engage youth (and myself) more positively in politics”


Photo credit: Elana Berton