Handle with Care

emilie barbeau
Recycled Couture : Plastic as Fashion
Interactive Installation, Textile Design: Recycled Plastics, Recycled fabric materials, digital print on fabric, 2019.

I am a visual communication designer and my practice falls into the social impact design pool. I explore ways to create sustainable and impactful design as a way to give back to various communities and be part of the conversations that our world is having today. I do this through textile/fashion and graphic design (in particular, digital image making).
The Recycled Couture series is a way to create an awareness about the waste humans create. Various forms of plastic (large and small) were collected over the course of this project and recreated into everyday items. Each creation aims to showcase just how easy it is to forget to find ways to reuse, recycle and decrease our carbon footprints. I want individuals to look at my creations and understand why people need to break down the ideas around single use plastics and progress towards finding ways to use them so that they don’t end up in our rivers, our oceans, our wildlife.


Photo credit: Emilie Barbeau