Handle with Care

jaclyn corallo
Branding and Packaging Design: Paper and Glass bottles, 2019.

I am a multi-faceted branding and communication designer, with a design practice that centres around finding the right balance between strategic and decorative design. I use visual communication, typography and graphics as a way of exploring branding strategies and aesthetics, gaining a better understanding of the commercial design world every day. My practice consists of a combination of packaging design, branding design and publication design. I use design as a way to explore and understand the power of design as a communication tool, in a world that craves information quickly and attractively. My project is a full branding suite for the fictional brand Willowbark. Willowbark is a range of magical potions, and i have designed packaging, branding and publication design components for the project. Willowbark’s branding suite is a hybrid between the aesthetics of 14th century european witchcraft and todays modern luxury design.


Photo credit: graphicpear.com