Handle with Care

jake watson
Jane Eyre As...

Publication design: ink on paper, 2019.

I’m a graphic designer focusing on publication design. I use visual communication as an analytical tool for exploring a wide range of design. My project ‘Jane Eyre As…’ is an exploration of typography, and layout. The text found within the book is the complete novel of ‘Jane Eyre’ written by Charlotte Brontë, sourced from Project Gutenberg. Jane Eyre is my mothers favourite book, The publication is typeset in different styles all tying back to books that can be found in her bookshelf. Starting with a classic novel and exploring a range of books from there. The novel can be read start to finish, although some chapters are easier reading than others. Creating a physical object that can be picked up and interacted with is one of my favourite things about publication design. I focus on aesthetics and function to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.


Photo credit: Jake Watson