Handle with Care

paul kuhn
Publication : paper, 2019.

Growing up as a mixed race individual and to be surrounded in a diverse environment, I have grown up to always been interested in art and design of different cultures. I would define my design practice as a graphic designer interested in mainly branding, publication, fashion and styling. Having worked in different practices, I come to realize that I have a passion for bringing people’s vision to reality and for sharing my love for creativity. I use a mix of visual communication, photography and typography as an analytical tool for exploring the different technique and way into creating an interesting design.

For my final project I have expanded my practice into a more personal approach. I have combined all the things I enjoy as a communication designer into a personal reflection publication of my journey dealing with identity, sexuality and mental illness. I intersect these through typographic design and photography: creating coherent works that are visually beautiful while commenting on my experience. Not only I have created this publication as a mean for me to finally come to terms with reality and accept the mistakes and struggles I have gone through, but to also break down cultural norms ideas and to provoke more compassionate and awareness, by creating a positive impact through speaking out about my own personal experiences.


Photo credit: Chongsheng Niu